An innovative way to help develop your senior staff, TalentTrust helps business people to grow whilst giving back

TalentTrust provides year-long, skills-based volunteering opportunities to senior executives in Singapore.
We match skilled business people to local charities that want to professionalise their operations and become more strategic.
Working as a mentor, they will sit on a team of senior business people from a range of sectors, pooling their skills to help the charity and learning from one another in turn.

Re-energise your Teams

We know that even the most passionate of employees can suffer from fatigue. Our projects give them an opportunity to turn their heads to a new challenges, allowing them to test and grow their innovation, negotiation and leadership skills so that they return to the office refreshed and energised.

Time Efficient

We understand that our mentors have jobs to do. That’s why our programmes focus on time-efficient programmes. All we ask for is two hours, once a month at a CBD location.

No Drain on Resources

Employee development programmes can be costly, time-consuming and demanding on your resources. TalentTrust provides a solution which is both cost and time-efficient. Each volunteer is matched with a full-time project manager, allowing your employee to make the best use of their time with the maximum impact. This means no management from your side for the cost of a small donation.

Better Retention Rates

It’s not always easy to find new and engaging ways to develop and retain senior staff. However, a True Impact study showed that up to 94% of employees surveyed believed volunteerism has a positive influence on job satisfaction. This means increased retention of your key team members and well as improved motivation and performance.