Who should become a TalentTrust Mentor?

Our mentors are members of the local business community. They are very experienced business people, from a wide range of professional backgrounds, who have a genuine interest in helping charities maximise what they do by providing them with strategic support.

They are committed, energised and skilful leaders.

What sort of business expertise do you need?

We need a wide range of skills in our membership base. Our mentors are business leaders with strategic planning skills and general management abilities, ranging from finance, governance and IT to law and marketing. Talk to one of our project managers to see where your skills could be best used.

Do charities and social enterprises pay a fee to TalentTrust?

No, our mentoring is completely free for charities and social enterprises.

How are you funded?

We are proud that around 70% of our work is funded by donations from our mentors or their sponsoring companies. Their precious donations not only allow us to remain sustainable and provide high-quality project management but also ensure that our mentors are committed and play an active role in their project.

We are also grateful for having received support from NVPC, The Tote Board and other private donors.

Where does the mentor’s donation go?

TalentTrust offers much needed pro bono consultancy and coaching to local charities. As a registered charity ourselves, we rely on government grants and mentor donations to make this happen. This funding allows us to:

  • Employ full time project managers at a project ratio of 1:7
  • Implement charity vetting and pre-scoping process
  • Research, recruit and manage our members
  • Fully curate every 12 month project; scheduling, pre-briefing, mediation, curriculum and administration for all meetings including ‘catch up’ briefings where needed
  • Monitoring and evaluation of volunteers’ attendance, progress and contribution throughout project. Reports available on request.
  • Create PR and marketing opportunities for our mentors and their organisations
  • Research, write and curate thought leadership content for partners

How can I become a TalentTrust Mentor?

We are always looking for skilled business people from all backgrounds to join us. The success of our charity partners depend upon the support of our fantastic mentors, dedicating their valuable skills and time through our carefully managed model. You can complete our membership form and send it to info@talenttrustsingapore.org or simply make and enquiry through the contact us form.

Do you have to be a TalentTrust mentor to volunteer?

Yes. TalentTrust offers much needed pro bono consultancy and coaching to local charities. As a registered charity ourselves, we rely on government grants and membership fees to make this happen.

Is my charitable organisation eligible to receive help through Talent Trust?

Our priority is to help increase the effectiveness of small and medium sized charities and social enterprises that are tackling disadvantage in Singapore. Over the years we have learnt a lot about where we can be most effective and we have a number of criteria against which we assess applications. Please call us to arrange an assessment meeting if you’d like to work with TalentTrust.

Do you provide money to charities?

No, Talent Trust does not provide monetary support to charities. Charities are also not allowed to fundraise from our mentors. However, charities will often find that after working with TalentTrust they are better equipped to submit successful funding applications and diversifying their income sources.

Who decides which charities you help?

Our Senior Project Manager assesses every charity application in a two-stage process, which involves an application and sometimes multiple assessment meetings.

How quickly do you process applications?

We aim to process all charity applications within one month of receiving them.

Is there a minimum donation to become a TalentTrust Mentor?

The minimum donation to join a 12-month project is SG$5,000 or $3,500 if you’re an individual sponsoring yourself. Please contact us for more information about corporate and individual mentorships.

How do you measure your impact?

Impact measurement is of vital importance to TalentTrust. We measure our impact on both our charities and on our mentors. Please look to our theory of change in the About Us page for more information.