Where did TalentTrust come from? Our Founding Story

TalentTrust’s Founding Story

TalentTrust was founded by Fiona Halton and Brian Gillies in 2015. Fiona originally founded the working model of UK charity, Pilotlight.
Pilotlight is a unique, capacity building charity which offers free, tailored strategic planning support to charities and social enterprises that are tackling disadvantage in the UK.
Co-founder Brian Gillies was a Pilotlight Foundation Board member who moved to Singapore.  Both he and Fiona saw an opportunity to bring the successful Pilotlight model to Singapore.
Since Fiona founded the model in the UK in 2003, Pilotlight has recruited more than 1000 business leaders to serve as mentors and coaches for over 450 charitable organisations.
During her time at Pilotlight, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) had taken Fiona on a tour of five countries in South East Asia to talk about the UK model. As a result, Fiona was convinced of the value the Pilotlight model could bring to other countries.
Brian had come to live in Singapore after a hugely successful business career in the UK. He had been a Piloltighter in Scotland, served Pilotlight on its Foundation Board and now wanted to use his business skills to help charities develop and to learn more about the voluntary sector in Singapore. He offered to make TalentTrust happen, driving forward the initiative and investing in it.
NVPC became TalentTrust’s first grant funder, joined by the ToteBoard. Their backing of the concept made it a reality.
Sunita Kaur and Vernon Vasu soon joined Brian to run TalentTrust and become its first trustees.
Thanks to all these people and organisations, in 2015 TalentTrust became a registered charity.  TalentTrust is based on the Pilotlight model but is independent of Pilotlight. It is by Singapore for Singapore.

Fiona Halton

Brian Gillies

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