Effective, enriching and time-efficient, TalentTrust facilitates skills-based-volunteering for business people who want to give back to local charities.

Singapore has a thriving and skilled business community. Within this community are brilliant people who want to give back to those in need, but their time is limited. TalentTrust helps our volunteer mentors to make the most impact in a manageable amount of time.

The Perfect Match

Tell us your areas of expertise and we’ll match you to a charity the specifically needs your help, making sure your hours are well-used.
Worried you won’t have all of the answers? You’ll sit on a team of four or five mentors from a range of backgrounds and industries who come together to pool their skills and knowledge.
Benefit from sharing your experience and learning from theirs, whilst making friends in the process!

Project, Managed

To make sure you have maximum impact in minimal time, whenever you meet with your charity, there’s always a TalentTrust Project Manager in the room. You PM will provide the agenda, facilitate your conversations, lend support to the charity and fill in any gaps in sectoral knowledge. They also schedule all of your meetings, take the minutes and provide tools and templates where needed.

Your Donation Works Harder

TalentTrust is also a registered charity, which means that we ask our mentors to make a donation to their project cost. We do this for two reasons:
Firstly and most importantly, it enables us to remain sustainable without the need to compete with the charities we serve for additional government funding.
Secondly, it ensures that our mentors are fully committed to the process for the duration of the project.
By making a donation via TalentTrust, you ensure the charity that you’re helping gains sustainable skills that mean they serve their beneficiaries more effectively.