Does your charity need a helping hand to take the next step in its journey? TalentTrust can help…

We understand that each charity has its own unique challenges. TalentTrust takes the time to get to know each one so that we can find the most effective mentors to help you reach your goals.
With sustainability and action at it the heart of our programmes, we work with you over 12 months through scoping, discovery and planning to ensure you never feel stuck.
Our main goal is to provide your CEO or ED with strategic advice, guidance, tools and energy to help your charity grow.

Your project, managed

We also provide a dedicate project manager to do all of the co-ordination, administration and management so that you can focus on hitting your goals and helping your beneficiaries without stretching your internal resources too thin.

Here’s what other charities are saying:

“I have had frustrating experiences working with corporate volunteers in the past, but with TalentTrust it was different. These guys all came in with the right attitude and mindset: that there was lots to learn about the context before giving advice. I saw their investment and I trusted their expertise and advice.”
Carrie Tan, Executive Director, Daughters of Tomorrow
“We know that sitting still is not the thing to do. We need a business model. We need to understand how to sell it, pitch it, brand it and find our niche.  TalentTrust is helping us to do this.”
Nirmala Murugaian, CEO, Child at Street 11
“TalentTrust brings a very welcome corporate, results-oriented, upbeat, energetic feel to how things can be done. I went to TalentTrust because I needed help with Marketing. I found that just talking to the group at TalentTrust is of huge value, because they provide a sounding board to me. You just don’t normally get that in a charity. It is very essential and critical to the well-being of the Executive Director.”
Georgie Chong, Executive Director, Children’s Wishing Well